Block Editor

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The Block Editor is a brand-new editing experience. As the name suggests, the Block Editor treats all your content as individual blocks. Each block can be inserted, rearranged and styled individually, making this new editor more flexible than the old (TinyMCE) Classic Editor.

The Block Editor provides individual blocks for all your common content such as paragraphs, headings, ordered and unordered Lists (i.e. bullet points), quote, images, galleries and any other content that you could previously add to the Classic Editor. On top of that, the Block Editor also provides additional blocks for easily adding content such as buttons, tables and columns.

Rearranging your content is even easier than before. The Block Editor allows you to drag-and-drop or use the block mover icons, to rearrange the order of individual blocks. Each block can also be styled individually using the toolbar at the top of block. The types of styles that you can add to a block are dependent on the individual block. A Paragraph Block for example, allows you to change the text size, text colour and background colour, whereas a Heading Block will only allow you to change the level (H2, H3 etc.) and the text alignment.