WordPress is a fantastic blogging and content management system and one of the huge benefits is the wealth of information out there. There's a great community of people behind the design & development of the WordPress system itself as well a huge number of designers & developers who share their knowledge through blog posts, tutorials and the creation of thousands of themes & plugins.

When I was first starting with WordPress though, all those years ago, I was disappointed that there was no user manual or simple guide to get me started. True, there are heaps of articles within the WordPress Codex that go into great detail about all sorts of topics and this is great if you want to get really involved in developing your own WordPress theme or creating plugins, but it can be a bit daunting for those users who just want a simple guide to using the Content Management side of WordPress or just need to update their site pages every so often. A quick look through the online documentation on the WordPress site can have you scratching your head within minutes as to what to read first.

In my own personal experience, I've found that a lot of small businesses that I've developed WordPress sites for aren't that familiar with using Content Management systems. Whether that's WordPress or one of the many other CMS's out there. Also, it's not always possible to physically go to a clients location to provide them hands-on training. So, rather than simply sending people a bunch of different links in the hope that they'd use them to learn WordPress themselves, I decided to write an easy to follow guide that I could provide them.

My aim for the Easy WP Guide was to write something that was easy to read and that covered the basics in regards to editing & updating your site content. You'll find that some topics within the guide are only touched upon lightly. My intent wasn't to cover setting up your WordPress site or editing theme files, there's plenty of information on those topics within the WordPress Codex and on the web.

I've learnt so much from other WordPress blogs, sites and individuals so I've created this site so that I can give back to that same WordPress community and share my documentation with anyone who may be in the same situation. The documentation is available in PDF format, a brandable Word document and also ePub & Mobipocket eBook versions on the download page. Feel free to rebrand the Word doc and pass on to your clients if you find it useful. Alternatively, send them to this site where they can read the documentation online.

The Easy WP Guide is licensed under a Fair Use Policy. In short, this license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon my work provided you purchase the unbranded version of the guide. You can provide this guide to your clients but you cannot make the guide available for sale on your website or anywhere else.

The brandable WordPress manual is designed for WordPress consultants to give to clients as a form of training under a license intended for use by freelancers and small studios. If you wish to distribute this guide to more than 20 clients, please consider the work involved in creating and updating this guide and purchase a separate $15 license for each block of 20 clients. That works out to 0.75 cents per copy! How cheap is that!!

If you’re a hosting company or training organisation looking for commercial licensing please get in touch to discuss custom options.

If you feel that something is missing, incorrect or not covered adequately, drop me an email and I’ll look into it and if appropriate, I'll update the guide. If you want some further clarification as to how you can use the Easy WP Guide, checkout out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Last but not least, A HUGE THANKS must also go to Ana Ayelén Martínez, from Caribdis Web Design in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ana has been providing her fantastic translation services to produce the Spanish version of the Easy WP Guide. If you need your WordPress content, themes or plugins translated from English to Spanish (or vice versa), I highly recommend you get in touch. Thanks Ana, you rock!


Anthony Hortin


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