Block Directory

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The Block Directory brings a new way to find and install single, independent block plugins into your site.

When you perform a search in the Block Inserter, if there’s no matching result in your blocks library, it will also perform a search within the WordPress Block Directory. If it finds any relevant blocks, you’re able to scroll through those results and immediately install and activate the Block Plugin, right then and there, and have it available to insert into your page without ever leaving the editor.

Block Directory searches are done automatically. Click the Toggle block inserter icon (Block Editor Toolbar - Add Block) in the Block Toolbar at the top of screen, and once the Block Inserter appears, click in the Search field and type your search string. If there are no matching results in the Block Library on your site, it will automatically perform a search in the Block Directory and show any matching results, if there are any.

Block Directory

If you find a Block in the search results, click on the search result and WordPress will automatically download, install, and activate the Block Plugin, and then insert it into your page, without you ever leaving the editor.

If you find that the Block that was just inserted doesn’t work the way you hoped, or just isn’t suitable, you can easily delete the block from your page, just like any other block.

When you install a new Block from the Block Directory, it’s important to note that you’re actually installing a new Plugin, so if you browse to the Plugins screen in your Dashboard and find some unfamiliar plugins have been installed, it may be because you’ve installed them via the Block Directory.