Editing Templates

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Just like editing your Page or Post content, the theme templates contain a variety of different blocks to display the different content within a page. This is where you would make use of all the various Theme specific blocks, such as the Post Content Block, Post Featured Image Block, and Query Block, just to name a few examples.

Unlike editing an individual Page or Post, it’s important to remember that templates are used across the entire site. A Page template, for example, will be used when displaying all your Page content. Examples of typical Page content found within a lot of sites would be a ‘Contact’ page that displays a contact form, or an ‘About us’ page that provides information on your business.

A Single Post template on the other hand, is used when displaying all the individual blog Posts. A common difference between these two types of templates is that a Single Post template quite often has navigation links at the bottom of the page to help visitors navigate to the next or previous blog post, since posts are hierarchical. A Page template doesn’t typically have these navigation links.

Full Site Editor Editing Templates