Social Icons Block

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The Social Icons Block allows you to insert a row of social icons, along with links to your various platforms.

Some placeholder icons are shown by default after inserting the block. To add an icon click on the Add block icon (Block Toolbar Add Block) next to the images. You’ll be presented with a list of icons to select from. To add a link to each icon, click the icon and enter the URL.

You can change the order of the social icons by clicking on each one and clicking the Move left (Block Toolbar Move Left) or Move right (Block Toolbar Move Right) icons in the Block Toolbar. To remove an icon, click the icon you wish to remove and then click the More options icon (Block Editor More Options) in the Block Toolbar and select Remove block.

Once you've added your Social Icons Block, you can also use the Styles panel in the Settings Sidebar to change the look of the icons. If you select a style in the Default Style dropdown list, any further Social Icons Blocks you add into your page will use that selected style by default.

Social Icons Block