6 WordPress Free Must-have’s

Anthony Hortin

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WordPress is the most sought out CMS currently. While everyone here is a WP enthusiast , amateur or Pro, we have gathered a bundle of 6 resources every WordPress user must have! Whether you are looking to start with WordPress essentials or just for themes for your next web project these resources have you covered. Now your website will not only look attractive but also have a very much needed privacy policy page.

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Helpful WordPress Resources

Anthony Hortin

I get a lot of emails asking for advice on which plugins or themes to use, or which hosting service is best. There’s a huge number of hosting services out there, some better than others, and at times it can be hard to distinguish between them before signing up. When it comes to themes and plugins, it’s even harder because there’s even more to choose from. With over 30,000 plugins in the official Plugin Directory, and over 2,500 themes in the Themes Directory, it can make for even more difficulties. And that’s not taking into account the thousands of theme and plugin shops that are all over the web.

So, to try and help you with this task, I thought I’d share with you some of the more common plugins, themes and services that I use on a regular basis, both on my own sites and when I’m building client sites.

Easy WP Guide 2.7 is Released

Anthony Hortin

It’s a little later than I would have liked, but it’s finally updated! Easy WP Guide version 2.7. Yay! This updated version covers all the new features and changes that came with the latest version of WordPress, version 3.9. As well as the updated content, there’s also a couple of new chapters, bringing the total page count to 132 pages. That’s an extra 9 pages of awesome and over 1100 more words from the previous version!