Easy WP Guide is now available in Spanish

Anthony Hortin


I’ve got some fantastic news! The Easy WP Guide is now available in Spanish!

Huge thanks must go out to one of our lovely readers out there, Ana Ayelén Martínez, from Caribdis Web Design in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I received an email from Ana recently thanking me for my work on the Easy WP Guide, which is great in itself as I always love hearing from people who find my guide useful. Ana works with a lot of clients that use WordPress and for much the same reason that I originally wrote the guide, Ana wanted to give something back to the WordPress community by translating the Easy WP Guide into her native Spanish.

Welcome to WordPress 3.8 and Twenty Fourteen

Anthony Hortin

It’s live! WordPress 3.8, named “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker, bebop innovator, is now available for download from the WordPress website or by clicking that big ol’ update button within your WordPress Dashboard.

Once installed, you’ll see the gorgeous, redesigned interface. The clean, fresh new look is modern and easy on the eyes. I’m sure you’ll love the new look, just as much as I do! It uses the Open Sans typeface which provides simple, friendly text that is optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics.

A First Look at WordPress 3.8

Anthony Hortin
A first look at WordPress 3.8

If you haven’t heard already, WordPress 3.8 is just around the corner! If everything goes to schedule, it’s expected to be released in a couple of weeks time, on December 12.

One of the things you’ll first notice when you update is the brand new User Interface. Everything within the Dashboard has been given a fresh coat of paint. The interface is a lot fresher and the layout, a lot cleaner. I’m sure you’ll find, like I did, it looks fantastic.

Setting up WordPress on Amazon Web Services

Anthony Hortin
WordPress and AWS

I was sent a link to a really interesting guide a few days ago. It’s a great tutorial on setting up a WordPress site on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, I must warn you, it’s definitely not something a novice user would probably want to try, but for those technically minded or with a little bit of experience in installing WordPress on different hosting environments, I’d highly recommend you have a read.