Where To From Here?

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If you’re looking for more resources to further your WordPress knowledge the first place to check out is the WordPress.org website. There you’ll find technical support and new resources like plugins which are a fantastic way to add extra functionality to your site without having to modify your theme files. The Plugin Directory has almost 60,000 different plugins that are available to download, for free. Furthermore, if you want to change how your site looks, have a look in the WordPress Themes Directory which is also there on the WordPress site.

If you find you need more information on a particular topic, have a search through the WordPress Codex which goes into greater detail about how WordPress works. Not only will you find information about updating your site content but there is all sorts of other useful information that will help you with installing WordPress, troubleshooting, using plugins & themes and also theme development, for the more technically minded.

Once your website is humming along nicely, you might want to think about getting involved in the awesome WordPress community. One of the easiest ways to get involved is simply by helping others within the WordPress Support Forums. There is always someone there who’s newer to the learning curve than you, and learning is so much improved while you’re teaching others! There are topics for all ability levels, from installation issues, theme and template issues, and general troubleshooting all the way through to more advanced areas of theme and plugin development.

It’s a great benefit not just for yourself, but for others as well in getting more involved in the WordPress community. This could be through core commits, UI design, testing beta releases or even just helping people on the WordPress forums. Or, how about getting along to Meetups where users and developers alike get together and learn from and teach each other, show off the projects they’re working on and meet others to collaborate with. The more we work together to make WordPress great, the more robust the platform becomes. Everyone wins!

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