Short url: https://ewp.guide/go/login

Before you can make any changes to your site, you will need to log in. The login for your site is typically found at the following URL – https://your-wordpress-site.com/wp-admin. Obviously, replace your-wordpress-site.com with your actual domain name.

There are exceptions to this of course. For instance, your WordPress setup maybe installed in a subdirectory. For most standard setups though, you’ll find the above URL should work.

You can login to your Dashboard using either your Username or your email address associated with your account.

You can click on the ‘eye’ icon in the Password field to reveal the password that you entered, if you’d like to make sure you typed it correctly.

If you’ve lost your password, or just can’t remember it, click the Lost your password? link. You’ll be prompt to enter your username or email address and after clicking the Get New Password button, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

If your site has multiple languages installed, the login screen shows a dropdown field that allows you to switch languages. Simply select one of the available languages and click the Change button next to the dropdown field.

At the moment, this language selector will only change the language within the Login form. Once you’ve logged into your site, the Dashboard will still display in the default site language. To actually change the language used within the Dashboard, edit your User Profile by clicking on the Your Profile link underneath the Users menu option in the left-hand navigation. On your Profile page, select a language from the available options in the Language dropdown, and then click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

If your website doesn’t have any other languages installed and is simply using the default English (United States), then the language selector will not be displayed on the Login screen or on your Profile page within the Dashboard. If you’re a Site Administrator and you wish to add alternate languages to your site, you can do this by selecting a new Site Language on the Settings > General page.