Buttons Block

Short url: https://ewp.guide/go/be/buttons-block

The Buttons Block allows you to easily add one or more buttons with HTML links into your content. When you first add the Buttons Block, it will insert a single Button within the Block. You can add further buttons into the block by clicking on the Add Button icon (Block Toolbar Add Block). After a button is added, simply click on it and type your button text. You can also click on the Link icon (Block Toolbar Insert link) in the Button Toolbar to add a link to your button.

Once you've added your buttons to your block, selecting each individual button will allow you to change further options in the Settings Sidebar. You have the choice of a number of different styles for your buttons along with selecting the button colour and the text colour. If you select a style in the Default Style dropdown list, any further Buttons you add into your page will use that selected style by default.

If you’d like your button link to open in a new browser tab, turn on the Open in new tab switch.

If you select the outer Buttons Block container (rather than the individual Button Block), you can also transform them from a horizontal row of buttons to a vertical column instead.

Buttons Block