Late last year I wrote a post about a great guide that I was referred to for setting up WordPress on Amazon Web Services. The guide was written by Jeff Reifman, who's an extremely talented technology consultant living in Seattle, Washington. He's a longtime ex-Microsoft Group Program Manager, freelance writer and activist.

Well, Jeff's written up another handy guide that I'm sure more than a few of you will be interested in. It's called Publishing with WordPress and in it, Jeff steps you through all the important (& sometimes technical) steps in actually getting your WordPress site online and managing it once it is. He even talks about some of the various ways in which you can earn money from your site (I'm making sure I read that section myself!).

When someone like Jeff or even myself sets up a WordPress site for you, we might make it look fairly straight forward and easy, but that's because we've been doing this sort of thing for years and obviously know what we're doing and what to look out for. There's more to setting up a website than simply installing WordPress though. In his detailed guide, Jeff guides you through some of these all important steps such as registering a domain name, choosing hosting, and even offers some suggestions in selecting a WordPress theme and plugins.

If you're looking to setup a website yourself, then I'd suggest heading over and checking out Publishing with WordPress. It's sure to give you some great tips as it steps you through getting your site online.