WordPress 3.7 has just been released. Named “Basie” in honor of Count Basie, this release features some of the most important architectural updates they’ve made to date.

Some of the big features in this round of updates includes:

  • Updates while you sleep: With WordPress 3.7, you don’t have to lift a finger to apply maintenance and security updates. Most sites are now able to automatically apply these updates in the background.
  • Stronger password recommendations: Your password is your site’s first line of defense. It’s best to create passwords that are complex, long, and unique. To that end, our password meter has been updated in WordPress 3.7 to recognize common mistakes that can weaken your password: dates, names, keyboard patterns (123456789), and even pop culture references.
  • Better global support: Localized versions of WordPress will receive faster and more complete translations. WordPress 3.7 adds support for automatically installing the right language files and keeping them up to date.

Due to the type of changes in this latest release, it wasn't necessary to update the Easy WP Guide this time around. Although you wont see any differences in your WordPress dashboard, it's still important and highly recommended that you update your WordPress installation.

As each version of WordPress is released, its security is foremost in the core developers minds. Keeping your WordPress site updated to the latest version means that you'll be running the most secure version of WordPress available. Something that I'm sure you'll agree is vitally important.

As usual, you can download the PDF or Word document versions of the Easy WP Guide or you can read it online. If you would like a version that is optimised for your mobile and tablet devices, check out the versions in the Apple iBookstore, B&N Nook Books Store and the Amazon Kindle store. You can find links to them on the download page.